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Sleep Therapy & Caregiver Wellness

Welcome to Rest and Revive Sleep Therapy, where we provide evidence-based sleep consulting and therapy services tailored to you and your baby. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones achieve restful and restorative sleep in order to revitalize your mental health and the overall wellness of your family.

Insurance-Covered Services
Sleep Consultant Service Provider


Karlee Woodrich, MSW, RSW | Certified Sleep Therapist

Rest and Revive Sleep Therapy was and continues to be inspired by my personal lived experience of the challenges and demands (and rewards, too!) of parenting and the overwhelming effects of poor sleep and sleep deprivation. As a Mom, I know that sleep impacts our ability to show up in the way that we want to for our children, for our families, and for ourselves. I also know how out of reach healthy sleep can feel. But it is possible - and it changes everything. 


My professional experience in the social work field (specifically in the mental health sector) further fuels and informs the passion that drives Rest and Revive Sleep Therapy. I believe that our perceptions of ourselves as parents, our experiences of parenthood, and our mental health are interrelated and that sleep is foundational to all of these things. Because of this, I am motivated to help parents and babies achieve restful and restorative sleep, and consequently, improved mental health and overall wellbeing.


Click below to learn more about the experience, education, values and approaches that guide Rest and Revive Sleep Therapy. 



Sleep Consulting & Therapy

Personalized and responsive consultations and support to address your specific sleep concerns and develop effective strategies for better sleep. 

Sleep Workshops

Thoughtfully designed sleep workshops to gain valuable insights and practical tips for improving sleep quality.


Helpful guides, articles, and tools to support your journey towards better sleep. 


Many health and insurance benefit plans provide coverage for Registered Social Work. Please inquire about coverage with your provider. 

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